Computer Vision Engineer

Girona, Catalonia, Spain · Research & Development


INSYLO is looking for a Computer Vision Engineer to provide technical leadership and hands-on development of our computer vision projects. This role will lead the charge for selecting and implementing the right technologies based on business requirements and best practices.

INSYLO have developed a new proprietary concept, the Smart Volumetric Sensor, consisting in a 3D sensor with embedded computer vision algorithms to measure the volume of a silo's content with great accuracy. Now we want to extend the capabilities of our sensor with new exciting functionalities that will bring the technology to a new level of usability and open the door to new applications and markets.

The engineer will use our camera to obtain depth-maps of the interior of the silo and explore different algorithms to uncover the full potential of the technology and develop advanced functionalities boosting our competitive advantage. Algorithms will have to be implemented and optimized for the camera's current microcontroller or ported to a GPU/DSP/FPGA if needed. The researcher will also contribute to the optimization of the camera calibration procedure to improve efficiency and accuracy.

We also expect the engineer to contribute to the exploration of additional research lines such as multi-spectral analysis and/or alternative 3D measuring techniques.

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Employee status: full time.

Location: Parc Científic i Tecnològic de la UdG, Girona (Spain)

Compensation: To be agreed based on the experience of the candidate.

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